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Yoga Program - Twist and Let Go

About Twist and Let Go
This yoga program is self-guided collection of lessons designed to help you delve deeper into understanding spinal twists, often associated with improving digestion, detoxification and letting go. We'll look at both the structure, support and action of practicing spinal rotations so not only do they feel good, but they make your spine stronger and healthier.

The Program Includes: 1 videos, 3 audio files and 1 article.

I recommend you practice them in the order listed below, or you can do any one of them as a stand-alone. 

TOTAL PROGRAM TIME: 1 hour 20 minutes. 

*Thank you for understanding! I am a newbie at creating audio/visual content for sharing online. With just me and my iPhone and some basic computer software, I hope you'll enjoy these free lessons while I learn to improve their technical quality over time. My new mic is coming soon!

Lesson 1. INTRODUCTION - Listen. (7-minutes)
This is a short introduction on spinal twists and why they're beneficial. Also we'll discuss basic structure and support, and most common mistakes which will help you set up for a well-aligned twist in the practice video.

Introduction to Twist and Let Go - Rebecca Bly
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Lesson 2. MOVING PRINCIPLES - Practice (15-minutes)
This practice walks you through the "moving principles" of yoga inspired by Donna Farhi; essential concepts for practicing any style of yoga practice. This practice is done standing with a tiny bit of movement and but mostly you'll just be breathing and listening. It's very easy to follow and requires no previous yoga experience. Also just a great meditation and relaxation tool.

Moving Principles of Yoga - Rebecca Bly
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Lesson 3. ARTICLE - Read (5-minutes)
This article is great for those who learn best from reading more detailed information about twists. I recommend reading this article before and after the next video in order to assimilate the information both before and after feeling it in your body through practice.
Click here to download the article Spinal Twists in Yoga.

Lesson 4. VIDEO - Practice (40-minutes)
This twisting focused yoga practice integrates the concepts from the first three lessons. You'll want a yoga mat, a clean, quiet space (and silenced phone) and an empty stomach. You can go right into the meditation, Lesson 5, after this video or save it for later.

Lesson 5. AUDIO - Meditation (12-minutes)

This guided meditation on "Letting Go and Moving Forward" is a simple practice that you can do anywhere, anytime. You'll want to be in a comfortable position, sitting in a chair or on the floor. Meditation is exercise for the mind that creates new pathways in the brain. This one in particular helps us release the pattern of getting stuck so we're better able to let things go more easily, naturally.

Meditation on Letting Go - Rebecca Bly
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