What is Wellness Coaching?

Usually when I tell someone "I'm a wellness coach", I get a curious sideways glance. I'm cool with it. And I'm gladly here to explain.


First let me start by telling you what wellness coaching isn’t…

Wellness Coaching is NOT Therapy…

Coaching focuses on discovering possibilities and envisioning the future rather than resolving problems and revisiting the past.

Wellness Coaching is NOT Personal Training…

I’m not going to go to the gym with you, make you do push ups in Rock Creek Park, or even prescribe a fitness routine for you.

Wellness Coaches are NOT dietitians, registered nurses, personal trainers, yoga teachers, therapists, nutritionists, or any other type of wellness expert…

while they are coaching, but instead call upon their knowledge and experience in their field of expertise as a foundation for coaching others. All Wellness Coaches are already professionally designated in one of the fields above.*

A Wellness Coach does NOT tell you what to do or how to live your life…

Rather, a wellness coach will assist you in discovering your passions, strengths, dreams, desires, and values with the intention of designing a vision of your best self. A Wellness Coach helps you design a path to achieve outcomes aligned with that vision.

So then, this is what wellness coaching really is…

Wellness Coaching is…

a regular conversation, between a coach and a client, that facilitates movement, discovery, change and growth in the name of the client’s wellness.
Here’s a quick 3-minute silent film on “how coaching works.”

Watch it! It’s really quite cute and poignant.

A Wellness Coach…

encourages personal responsibility, deep thinking, self discover and self efficacy. She assists a client to connect the dots between who they are, who they want to be and takes steps to enable them to succeed.

What is Live Beyond the Mat Wellness Coaching?

I qualified to become a Wellness Coach because I am a yoga teacher. It’s what I know and it’s what I have been teaching for years. What I’ve learned through studying, practicing, and teaching mind/body awareness is that it informs the way I help my clients. Through my yoga classes, I help yoga students achieve clarity, balance, and strength on the yoga mat, and through my coaching, I help them achieve it in life.

Is Wellness Coaching right for me…now?

If you’ve had enough of feeling stuck and are ready for a change, then all you have to do is send me a note and let’s chat to see if you’re ready.


* Wellcoaches Corporation, in strategic partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine, provides training and certification for Wellness Coaches.

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