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I'm fascinated with how people think, move and feel. I'm constantly trying to incite "aha!" moments in others. I love the feeling I get after yoga class but I don't want it to end there. Feeling confident and strong, happy and peaceful is a feeling that I want to carry with me after class and into my every day. And I want to help others feel it too.


Rebecca Bly’s Personal Story

I was a good little yogi.

Yoga was introduced to me as a high school student. Twice a week I’d hit the floor with a bunch of old folks (everyone is old when you’re 16, no?) and roll around. Roll-n-glow was the style back then. No stress. No strain. And by the end – all glow. Somehow my fragile adolescent confidence blossomed. I had no idea why. But I knew I wanted more.

I was a metropolitan math nerd.

I headed to college in DC to live the city life. Budding new yoga studios hadn’t quite popped up yet from the ground. So I put my head into my studies and emerged with an applied mathematics degree. I eventually found a cozy space to attend yoga classes in a church off 16th street and along came vinyasa. Suddenly I was faced with challenges like standing on my hands and doing yoga push-ups. So I went along. I took all my stress from problems sets out on my yoga mat. Then I entered the working world.

I was living a dual life.

Computer Programmer by day. Yoga Student by night. At least 3 times a week I was taking out all my aggression and job dissatisfaction on my mat. Poor little yoga mat. It wasn’t until years later I realized I was trying to medicate a tenacious wound that wouldn’t heal. I was encouraged to become a yoga teacher. So I did. And started my own community, Cleveland Park Yoga . Now I really was living a dual life. I called software my “mortgage job” while teaching was my “spirit job”. One filled my cost of living, the other filled my purpose for living.

I was a muse.

I started noticing that people who spent time around me began to change. I was some sort of magnet for people who craved personal growth. Before I knew it, they were moved into action. They ordered home exercise tapes and signed up with personal trainers. They added quinoa and flax seeds to their diets. They took up new hobbies and joined clubs. Even bad relationships and bad jobs were flying out the door. I wasn’t advocating any of it! It just seemed naturally to happen.

I was lost.

So I quit my day job and got some help. I knew I loved teaching yoga and making people feel good. If someone walked out of my class feeling better than how they came in, I slept well. So I harnessed my strength as a muse and my love of teaching to produce a life for myself that left me caring for my yoga mat rather than beating it to a shredded pulp.

Now I am who I want to be.

Wellness coach. Yoga teacher. Trapeze flyer. Scooter Rider. Playful Yogini. Presence Practitioner. Adoring Aunt. Math Nerd. Honest friend. Breath Taker. Novice Surfer. Better-Life Enthusiast.

Rebecca Bly is a Certified Wellness Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher. She helps people to find balance, strength and clarity on and off the yoga mat.

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